Custom Built X3 Desktop PC (renewed)



We are Microsoft Registered Refurbishers. This machine has been professionally refurbished by a Certified technician. Refurbished systems contain a combination of new and used parts that have been thoroughly tested for quality.
This is a great mid-range desktop computer for home users as well as work users. Good for office use, web browsing, and multimedia. The 500GB hard drive can store up to 500,000 pictures! This system includes a fully Microsoft Office-compatible office suite for work and school.

3.20GHz AMD Athlon II X3 450 Processor
500GB Hard Drive
Keyboard/Mouse/Cables Included
19″ Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor Included
Windows 10 Pro
WPS Office

Price: $279.99

Buy with confidence! This machine is sold by Welsh Systems, a reputable local dealer. Comes standard with a 30-day warranty, extendable for up to 10 years for an additional fee.