Residential Services

Serving Kane, Kendall, DuPage Counties in IL as well as surrounding areas, we provide residential computer, tablet, and phone repair as well as recycling, maintenance, security, and networking services. Call now at (630) 492-1164. Yes, we make house calls!

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Business Services

All our standard services are available, but business customers are also eligible for managed services. Save thousands per year by utilizing modern tools that allow for remote administration and the streamlining of IT tasks. Ensure your computers and networks are up-to-date, patched, secure, and fully backed up.

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Our Services

Welsh Systems provides a variety of services, many of which are listed here. If you have a question about a service listed here, or whether we provide a service, don't hesitate to ask!
We repair desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and more at the most affordable prices around. Don't be afraid to contact us; we have the quickest turnaround time and highest rate of customer satisfaction in the business. Oh, and no "hidden fees".
Our refurbished systems are systems which have been carefully returned to like new condition and thoroughly tested against any and all faults. Why pay retail for a brand new device? Get a fantastic device at only a fraction of the cost of a new one.
Welsh Systems offers various levels of web design suitable for everyone, from newbies to hardcore professionals. Inquire now about what you are looking for in your site, and we will take care of the rest at a startlingly affordable price.
Welsh Systems will recycle all electronics dropped off at our store for free. Newer devices may even be eligible for a payout or trade-in discount. CRT monitors and all televisions carry a recycling fee of $15 each due to environmental regulations. Contact us for more information.
Welsh Systems offers onsite and remote maintenance services at very affordable monthly rates to individuals and businesses. Click here to download Join.Me, which allows us remote access to your system once you give us your secret pass key. Contact us for more information.
Welsh Systems can install advanced security and alarm systems in residences and businesses for a fraction of the cost of the big market players. Modern networked security devices allow for remote viewing anywhere in the world. Contact us for more information.