Managed Maintenance

Your computer systems and network are vital to the efficient operation of your business, so any unexpected breakdowns can be very costly. Managed Maintenance allows you to stop worrying about when the next problem might occur. As with other necessary business functions like utilities, you pay for services provided offsite, such as remote monitoring and management, help desk solutions, backup and disaster recovery, and more. For any business with a computer network, managed IT services are essential operating expenses to maintain core functionality, rather than additional expenses applied during exceptional issue resolutions with break/fix models.




  • Efficiency and Reliability


Unlike the break/fix model, managed maintenances allows for stable, reliable, and predictable IT expenditures, so you never end up with unexpected spikes in outlays from quarter to quarter and year to year.


  • Ease of Use


With managed maintenance you no longer have to constantly ensure your systems are patched, that your operating systems are updated, that your virus scanner is doing its job, and that your hardware is working properly without throwing any errors. All of it will be handled for you.


  • Reduced Cost


Welsh Systems managed maintenance is a replacement for an in-house IT department which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.


  • Flexibility


More servers and workstations can be added later as your business grows.


  • Peace of Mind


You don’t know peace of mind until you know that your network and computer systems are covered and that your data is safe.




  • Patch Management


Patch management is proactive and preventative. Most malware infections are a result of known security holes in software which are left unpatched. Ensuring your software is up-to-date is essential to keeping your systems uninfected with malware.


  • Virus Free Guarantee


Welsh Systems is the only managed service provider to provide all clients with a Virus Free Guarantee. We have so much faith in our product, that if your systems are infected with a virus, we will remove it at no cost.


  • Remote Support


Servers and workstations enrolled in our managed maintenance program can be supported remotely.


  • Status Reports


Every month we provide you with a system inventory and status report so you can ensure all your systems are running smoothly.


  • Onsite Services


Sometimes it becomes necessary to go onsite to repair an issue, so every managed maintenance plan includes monthly onsite service hours, which become bankable for later if unused.


  • Offsite Backup


For most companies, severe data loss would be devastating to the entire business. If you do not yet have any sort of backup and recovery plan, offsite backup is absolutely essential. Even in the event of a disaster where all systems are lost, your crucial data can still be recovered and migrated to new systems.  Our cloud backup service is absolutely secure and HIPAA compliant.


  • Mobile Protection


Because mobile devices have become so common in business environments, hackers now target them, which means cellphones and tablets can be a big security risk. Welsh Systems managed maintenance plans cover mobile devices in addition to  traditional servers and workstations.

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