Our Hours are Changing!

Our hours are changing! Starting in May, we are changing our office open hours to “By Appointment Only”. That means we will no longer be open to the public through the week except by appointment.

Why are you changing your hours?
Because the demand for onsite work has ramped up, and the demand for retail products has fallen over the past couple years, it no longer makes sense for our storefront to be open to the public with regular 9-5 hours. Instead, we’ll be operating more like a doctor’s office (with a lot less waiting around and a lot more legible handwriting), with all appointments scheduled in advance.

Can I still have my computer repaired at your office?
Of course! You can still stop by Monday through Saturday every week. You’ll just need to give us a call at 304-268-3771 to schedule an appointment beforehand.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?
Not long at all! Most appointments can be scheduled for the very same day.

Can I still buy computers and computer accessories at your store?
Absolutely. Just call us first!

When does the new appointment policy take effect?
The new policy is effective May 1. Until then, our store will continue to be open with the same old hours: 9-5 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 10-3 Saturday.

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